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5barg8 updating our infrastructure

May 21, 2012

At FiveBarGate Consultants Ltd, we offer clients a service. Our aim is to offer that service efficiently and effectively.

We do this by primarily keeping our knowledge base up to date to make sure we understand what is happening in BioEnergy markets. This is largely around understanding what regulators are seeking to achieve so we can match our clients needs for cost effective solutions to regulatory demands for higher supply chain transparency. We have some Intellectual Property that allows us to do this and we have developed some technology in the form of Farming Footprints.

Today though, we are looking to others to help us streamline our service offering by updating our data management systems. This is intended to make our electronic knowledge management and communication interfaces more reliable, robust and quicker. Tests so far seem positive. However, we would welcome your feedback. The proof of the pudding, is in the eating. We will be contacting clients over coming days and weeks to check whether they have noticed any difference and whether they feel it is any better.

A last thought: our upgrade has the added advantage of replacing old equipment with fewer, less energy intensive solutions. All part of reducing our own carbon footprint.