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Farming Footprints

Farming Footprints is a joint Venture company established by the shareholders of FiveBarGate Consultants Ltd and Farmway Ltd in 2008. Farming Footprints is currently testing a bespoke software solution available to stakeholders in the agricultural supply chain to ease the reporting and validation of agronomic data as it relates to the production of crops for energy.

Farming Footprints
Farming Footprints has developed a bespoke software solution:


• Calculate the green house gas footprint of your arable crops.
• Understand how well your crops compare with others and optimise your carbon footprint over time.

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Farming Footprints database will, over time, provide stakeholders with a data warehouse that allows assessment of the optimal land management practice to assure food and fuel production in a sustainable manner. Data will be used to calculate green house gas emissions on a crop by crop basis and year by year basis, opening up the opportunity to assess how different regions/soils/establishment/management practices impact on sustainability.

Target markets

  • UK growers
  • Bio fuel companies
  • Energy companies consuming

Further target markets will be:

  • EU Growers
  • Broader International Growers

Farming Footprints


  • Farmer is able to bench mark against contemporaries
  • Negotiate value of certificate independent of grain
    Improvement is rewarded
  • Rest of supply chain has real data and can also capture value