The Bio Energy Experts

North American Audits

November 22, 2010

I recently visited north america to audit a number of BioEnergy supply chains. I was struck by a number of things that  presented as my trip progressed.

1 – there are examples of extremely good practice with regard to environmental protection, including forestry, flora and fauna as well as animal species.

2 – there is at the same time a fierce independence in relation to how land owners manage their assets.

3 – the practice of demonstrating sustainability is very limited in extent and purpose. While some parties are clearly managing relevant factors, it is very difficult to find structured evidential systems.

4 – there are some very experienced land based operators with deep and thorough understanding of many of the key issues. It seems that organisations tend to rely on the individual rather than the collective to manage these issues.

5 – there is a huge land based potential and risk.

6 – there appears to be something of a policy void in places between the national and regional structures with regards to joined up sustainability assurance.

7 – NGO’s seem to have a much lower profile. Corporate presence seems greater.

On balance then, there seems to be huge potential for developing assured BioEnergy supply chains, in a market place that will seek to be entrepreneurial, but needs help to deliver.

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